• I'm not what you would particularly expect as a writer, I’m more of what I call a discusionist, if you want to call that a word. (My spell check obviously disagrees with me) So, why blog or discuss the subject of health? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent blogs out there filled with encouragement and advice about health and wellness so why would we want to focus on this subject too?

    Bottom line answer…. Because it is so darn (I avoided a more dramatic word but you get the jest) important. Our society has gone soft and you can look around and see there are a whole bunch of overweight, out of shape and un-healthy folks out there and we will be talking a lot about that in this blog. Of course, we will invite others to weigh in on the subject or any other thing they want to offer up for discussion.

    Because I’m kinda focused on health you will have the pleasure, or not, of being subjected to my writing style. Take it or leave it, it is simply my uneducated view of why health and wellness is a key feature to a long and happy life.

    I can't write a book or article on every health issue that comes along. But I can blog about it. My goal is a new entry whenever I get annoyed about something or want to ramble on about some subject I ran across and want to comment on. Most of my health writings will contain info from other mainstream sources that I assure you are far more knowledgeable than I but if I find it interesting or important I’ll open it up for discussion.

    Like my posts or hate em just don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just tellin it as I see it. (but I do like it when you tell me I’m great…. My ego needs it ya know)